HIV Screening Now Online

As the population of the world grows, so does the rise in the number of cases of HIV. HIV is a lentivirus which causes Human Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and HIV infection. This disease is characterized by the progressive worsening of the human immune system which allows for numerous cancers to grow inside the body. Estimates suggest that it is not possible for the infected person to survive for more than 9 to 11 years without treatment after having been infected with HIV.

The virus is spread through different bodily secretions such as semen, blood, breast milk and vaginal secretions. The virus is present both in active and inactive form within these secretions. The target of this virus is the body’s defenses. From the Helper T cells to the macrophages, the virus attempts to shut down and kill the body’s line of defenses, successively reducing it to shackles.

The rate of reproduction, especially in the developing countries, is increasing at a massive rate. This means that the total number of HIV-infected births is also on the rise. Consider the case of Africa. Here, a total of 1.5 million HIV infected females become pregnant annually, raising the stakes higher for the authorities to cope with.

What can be done?

Coping with HIV is easier once it has been detected at an early stage. This is possible if there are home testing kits available that can help the masses take charge of the situation. Over the recent years, many pharmaceutical companies have come up with home screening solutions that are helping millions take the lead when it comes to their health. With home testing kits at their disposal, individuals now have the power to detect this disastrous disease at the earliest of stages and to nip it in the bud.

Another advantage of these kits is that they help give a clear indication to the people to stay away from sexual contact if infected. This is one of the major factors through which the spread of the virus can be eliminated.

You can find out more about what can be done to stop the spread of HIV at this website –

How do HIV home screening kits work?

The screening kits are designed in a way that they can be used just once. This point-of-care test is helpful in detecting HIV antibodies. The test takes only 20-40 minutes to deliver results. Different kits contain different materials but generally, the kit comes with a pouch that has antibody-absorbing packets and an antimicrobial agent. There are reusable test stands, collection loops and packet inserts inside. A leaflet containing all the necessary instructions regarding usage of the kits is also included.

If the test results are positive for HIV antibodies, there will be two red bands in the fluid samples: one will be at the test line whereas the other one will appear at the control line. The kit provides accurate results and is intended to be used for individuals above the age of 11 years.

These kits are cheap and effective ways of determining the presence of the lethal disease. The tests also provide for confidentiality and save the infected person from any unnecessary embarrassment, thereby helping the individual focus on coping with the illness at hand.

Lab based testing is also available for home sampling and these use 4th generation technology for HIV tests. These test look for the p24 antigen as well as HIV 1 and HIV 2 antibodies. These tests can detect the presence of HIV from as early as 10 days post infection. This test is available online in the UK from a variety of regulated clinics, such as